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The Perfect Groom for Every Dog

Each and every dog’s owners opinions and concerns are very important to have a better understanding of each dog as each and every one of them are unique. We welcome all information so that your dog has the most pleasant grooming experience possible.

The full process of properly grooming a dog takes time, effort and patience to provide the care and attention each dog needs and deserves. Attention to special needs as each dogs unique conditions, behaviours and personalities vary.

Your dog’s safety and comfort are our primary concerns. Please advise us of any allergies, sensitive skin or preexisting conditions your dog may have. By grooming your dog regularly you can help prevent certain illnesses like skin disorders and parasites.

Most dogs cannot cool themselves well enough which makes trimming the hair and removing the undercoat necessary which in turn will sustain body temperature so their skin can breathe. Regular grooming and brushing improves the blood supply going to your dog’s skin, which may also help to prevent certain skin conditions.